Air-Sea Fluxes Workshop Products

The Air-Sea Fluxes workshop was highly successful, with many interesting presentations and discussions.

report from the workshop was published in the SOOS newsletter.

Many of the presentations and posters have been made available in the table below.

Day 1, Session 1: Applications

SOOS-WCRP-ESA Workshop on Air-Sea Fluxes in the Southern Ocean Sarah Gille
SOSE Air-Sea heat fluxes and the ACC heat budget Veronica Tamsitt
Sampling Southern Ocean Sea-Air CO2 Fluxes Andrew Lenton
Rise and Fall of the Southern Hemisphere Westerlies John Fyfe
Air-Sea ice gases exchange Bruno Delille
DISCUSSION - The Southern Ocean Sampling Problem  Simon Josey

Day 1, Session 2: New Technology (in situ, remote sensing, assimilation/modeling)

Direct Measurements of Air-Sea from Ships and Surface Moorings James Edson
Sustained Southern Ocean air-sea flux mooring observations Eric Schulz
Instrumented Autonomous Surface Vehicles for Air-Sea Interaction Research Luc Lenain
Near-Surface Dissipation and Shear from the ASIP Autonomous Profiler Brian Ward
Airborne Measurements of Air-Sea Interaction Ken Melville
Airborne observations of the atmospheric boundary layer in Antarctic sea ice zones Alexandra Weiss
Mesoscale Convective System wind variability as depicted by satellite scatterometers Marcos Portabella 
Advances, challenges, and new approaches towards turbulent flux records  Brent Roberts
Japanese Ocean Flux Datasets from Remote Sensing Observations Hiroyuki Tomita 

Day 2, Session 1: New Technology (continued)  

Parameterization and Measurement of surface turbulent fluxes at high latitudes  Christopher Fairall 
Automated underway eddy covariance system for momentum, heat and CO2 fluxes  Scott Miller
Airflow modelling for ships operating in the Southern Ocean Ben Moat 
Inferring air-sea fluxes through dynamically consistent ocean state estimation  Patrick Heimbach 
Observing system design for constraining Southern Ocean air-sea carbon exchanges  Matt Mazloff
Assessing and applying a new methodology to estimate surface heat fluxes  Pat Hyder 
Performance of global atmospheric reanalyses over the Southern Ocean  Julien Nicolas 
Ocean carbon obs enable quantification of the ocean carbon sink and acidification  Dorothee Bakker

Day 2, Session 2: Essential Climate Variables

Evaluating and Improving the Turbulent Component of the Net Heat Flux  Abderrahim Bentamy 
Key essential variables: Background and way forward  Mark Bourassa 
WDAC and air-sea flux requirements Carol Anne Clayson 
DISCUSSION - Pilot Project  
DISCUSSION - Essential Climate Variables  

Day 3, Breakout Group Discussions 

SOOS Working Groups  Sebastiaan Swart 
DISCUSSION - Synthesis discussion  

Poster Session  

Biogeochem controls on frontal variability of CO2 fluxes in Indian Sector Amit Sankar
Freshening of Antarctic Bottom Water in the Indian Ocean Sector of the SO Narayana Anilkumar
Trends in the Southern Ocean Mixed Layer and Chlorophyll from observations Essowe Panassa
Upper Ocean Heat Balance in the Southern Ocean Sarah Gille
An adaptive sampling strategy to constrain air-sea CO2 fluxes in the Southern Ocean Luke Gregor
Deep Chl maximum and primary productivity in the Indian Sector of the SO  Sarat Tripathy

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