Annual Progress Reports

SOOS provides an annual report of progress to both key sponsors, SCAR and SCOR. All reports are available for download below.


SOOS Annual Reports to SCOR

2016 SOOS-SCOR2016Report.pdf
2015 SOOS-SCOR2015Report.pdf
2014 SOOS-SCOR2014Report.pdf
2013 SOOS-SCOR2013Report.pdf


SOOS Annual Reports to SCAR

2016 SOOS-SCAR2016Report.pdf
2015 SOOS-SCAR2015Report.pdf
2014 SOOS-SCAR2014Report.pdf
2013 SOOS-SCAR2013Report.pdf
2012 SOOS-SCAR2012Report.pdf
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