Scientific Steering Committee

The SOOS Scientific Steering Committee comprises Executive Committee members (2 x Co-chairs; 2 x Vice Chairs), scientific members, the Co-Chairs of the SOOS Data Management Sub-Committee, and ex-officio members.

SOOS Co-Chairs

anna wahlin

Physical Sciences Co-Chair: Prof. Anna Wahlin

Senior researcher in Polar Oceanography at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Research areas: large scale ocean circulation, shelf-ocean processes at the Antarctic continental shelf and topographically steered currents.




Biological Sciences Co-Chair: Prof. Oscar Schofield

Professor at Rutgers University and co-founder of the Coastal Ocean Observation Lab (COOL).

Research areas: Influence of climate change on marine ecosystems, the ecology and evolution in marine phytoplankton, and developing technology to support distributed ocean networks.


SOOS Vice-Chairs


Physical Sciences Vice-Chair: Dr. Sebastian Swart

Senior Research Scientist leading physical oceanography at the Southern Ocean Carbon and Climate Observatory in South Africa

Research areas: Ocean glider technology; complexities, circulation and dynamics of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current, incorporating remotely sensed satellite data with in-situ hydrographic data.




Biological Sciences Vice-Chair: Dr. Andrew Constable

Principal Research Scientist at the Australian Antarctic Division and leader of the Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems "Ecosystem Impacts Program".

Research areas: Development of population, food web and ecosystem models to facilitate studies on ecosystem dynamics and to aid the development of appropriate conservation measures and sustainable fishing limits.


SOOS Scientific Members

BhaskarDr. Parli Venkateswaran Bhaskar

National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research, India

Research areas: Expert in microbial processes, production, respiration and turnover, microbial food-web, and carbon fluxes




Prof. Dake Chen

2nd Institute of Oceanography, China

Research areas: Polar climate variability, sea-ice prediction, physical oceanography.



CostaProf. Daniel Costa

University of California, USA

Research areas: Expert in upper trophic levels, marine mammals as oceanographers. Committee member of IMBER.



Dr. Sang Hoon Lee

Korean Polar Research Institute (KOPRI), Korea

Research areas: Expert in Microbiology, Leader of the International Amundsen Sea project




mataProf. Mauricio Mata

Federal University of Rio Grande, Brazil

Research areas: Expert in physical oceanography. Member of WCRP JSC




meredithProf. Michael Meredith

British Antarctic Survey, UK

Research areas: Expert in large-scale circulation, observing systems and interdisciplinary oceanography. Co-Chair of SOOS from 2011-2014



Dr. Matthew Mazloff

Scripps Oceanographic Institute, USA

Research areas: Expert in Data Assimilation, Observation System Simulation Experiments




Dr. Burcu Ozsoy

Istanbul Technical University, Turkey

Research areas: Sea-ice geophysics, sea-ice remote sensing, sea-ice observations, ASPeCt representative



Dr. Jean-Baptiste Sallee


Research areas: Expert in Physical Oceanography



Prof. Anya Waite

Alfred Wegener Institute, Germany

Research areas: Polar biological oceanography, particle dynamics, nitrogen/oxygen cycling, food-web mapping, genetics of plankton


Dr. Mike Williams

National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, New Zealand

Research areas: Expert in Ocean-Ice interactions


SOOS Data Committee Co-Chairs 


DiggsSteve Diggs

Scripps Institution of Oceanography, CLIVAR and Carbon Hydrographic Data Office, USA

Research areas: Expert in Data Management. Co-Chair of SOOS Data Management Committee.




BejaJoana Beja

British Oceanographic Data Centre

Research areas: Expert in Data Management. Co-Chair of SOOS Data Management Committee.



Ex-Officio Representatives 


UrbanDr. Ed Urban

Executive Director, Scientific Committee of Oceanic Research (SCOR)





Dr. Jenny Baeseman

Executive Director, Scientific Committee of Antarctic Research (SCAR)






Dr. Maciej Telszewski

Project Director, International Ocean Carbon Coordination Project (IOCCP)







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