Scientific Steering Committee

The SOOS Scientific Steering Committee has 4 membership types:

1) Executive Committee members (2 x Co-chairs; 2 x Vice Chairs),
2) Scientific Members
3) SOOS Data Committee Co-Chairs
4) Ex-officio representatives (Sponsor representatives, Regional Working Group Co-Chairs)

The EXCOM and Scientific Members are elected to the position by SCAR and SCOR, based on individual merit. Data Committee Co-Chairs and Ex-officio Members sit on the Scientific Steering Committee as nominated by their respective communities.

View the SSC Membership Terms and History here.

Executive Committee

Dr. Sebastiaan Swart (Sweden)

Physical Sciences Co-Chair



Dr. Sebastiaan Swart: Senior Lecturer at the Department of Marine Sciences, University of Gothenburg, Sweden


Research areas: Ocean glider technology; complexities, circulation and dynamics of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current, incorporating remotely sensed satellite data with in-situ hydrographic data.


Dr. Andrew Constable (Australia)

Biological Sciences Co-Chair



Principal Research Scientist at the Australian Antarctic Division and leader of the Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems "Ecosystem Impacts Program".


Research areas: Development of population, food web and ecosystem models to facilitate studies on ecosystem dynamics and to aid the development of appropriate conservation measures and sustainable fishing limits.


Dr. Mike Williams (New Zealand)

Physical Sciences Vice Chair


National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, New Zealand


Research areas: Expert in Ocean-Ice interactions



Prof. Eileen Hofmann (USA)

Biological Sciences Vice Chair 


Professor at Old Dominion University


Research areas: Biological Oceanography, physical-biological interactions in marine ecosystems, descriptive physical oceanography, mathematical modeling of marine ecosystems.




Dr. Louise Newman (ex-officio SOOS IPO)

SOOS Executive Officer


Executive Officer of the SOOS International Project Office







Scientific Members 

Prof. Dake Chen (China)

dchen2nd Institute of Oceanography, China


Research areas: Polar climate variability, sea-ice prediction, physical oceanography.




Dr. Sarah Fawcett (South Africa)


University of Cape Town, South Africa


Research areas: Biogeochemical oceanography, Antarctic nitrogen cycling, the relationship between biogeochemical fluxes and primary productivity and the implications for global biogeochemical cycles.



Dr. Matthew Mazloff (USA)

Scripps Oceanographic Institute, USA


Research areas: Expert in Data Assimilation, Observation System Simulation Experiments



Dr. Andrew Meijers (UK)


British Antarctic Survey, UK


Research areas: Southern Ocean dynamics, Antarctic Circumpolar Current overturning and property trends, observational physical oceanography, Coupled Climate model analysis.



Dr. Burcu Ozsoy (Turkey)


Istanbul Technical University, Turkey


Research areas: Sea-ice geophysics, sea-ice remote sensing, sea-ice observations, ASPeCt representative



Dr. Jean-Baptiste Sallee (France)



Research areas: Expert in Physical Oceanography



Dr. Irene Schloss (Argentina)


Instituto Antártico Argentino, Argentina, Centro Austral de Investigaciones Científicas (CADIC, CONICET), Argentina, and Universidad Nacional de Tierra del Fuego, Argentina


Research areas: Biological oceanography, polar plankton ecology and physiology, the effects of climate change on polar ecosystems.



Prof. Anya Waite (Germany)


Alfred Wegener Institute, Germany


Research areas: Polar biological oceanography, particle dynamics, nitrogen/oxygen cycling, food-web mapping, genetics of plankton



Data Committee Co-Chairs 

Petra Ten Hoopen

British Antarctic Survey (BAS), UK


Research areas: Expert in Scientific Data Management. Co-Chair of SOOS Data Management Committee.


Joana Beja


British Oceanographic Data Centre

Research areas: Expert in Data Management. Co-Chair of SOOS Data Management Committee.


Ex-Officio Representatives

Scientific Committee of Oceanic Research


Dr. Ed Urban

Executive Director





Scientific Committee of Antarctic Research

Dr. Chandrika Nath

Executive Director






University of Tasmania

Prof. Richard Coleman

Executive Director

Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS)






Southern Ocean Indian Sector (SOIS) RWG



     - Andrew Constable (Australia)

     - Tsuneo Odate (Japan)

     - Philippe Koubbi (France)



Ross Sea (Ross) RWG



     - Mike Williams (New Zealand)

     - Walker Smith (USA)



Amundsen/Bellingshausen Sea RWG



     - Anna Wåhlin (Sweden)

     - Tae-Wan Kim (Korea)

     - Povl Abrahamsen (UK)

     - Bastien Queste (UK)

     - Patricia Yager (USA) 

     - Yoshihiro Nakayama (APECS Rep; Japan)


West Antarctic Peninsula (WAP) RWG



     - Oscar Schofield (USA)

     - Kate Hendry (UK)

     - Sian Henley (UK)



Weddell Sea and Dronning Maud Land (WS-DML) RWG



     - Julian Gutt (Germany)

     - Sebastien Moreau (Norway)

     - Laura de Steur (Norway)

     - Torsten Kanzow (Germany)



International Ocean Carbon Coordination Project

Dr. Maciej Telszewski

Project Director






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