Membership Terms and History


SSC Membership Terms

SSC members can serve up to 2 x 3 year terms. The table below shows the current SSC membership and the length of their representation on the committee. 

EXCOM members can serve up to 9 years total on the SSC.



Past Committee Members

The table below lists the past Scientific Steering Committee members:

Name Affiliation Years on SSC
Prof. Anna Wahlin (Co-Chair) University of Gothenburg, Sweden 2012-2017
Prof. Steve Ackley University of Texas San Antonio, USA 2012-2016
Dr. Jiping Liu University at Albany, USA 2012-2016
Dr. Alberto N. Garabato National Oceanographic Centre, UK 2012-2016
Dr Angelika Brandt Uni Hamburg, Germany 2012-2015
Dr Bronte Tilbrook CSIRO, Australia 2012-2014
Dr. Steve Rintoul CSIRO, Australia 2012-2014
Dr Kim Finney (Data Chair) Australian Antarctic Division 2012-2014
John Gunn (Co-Chair) Australian Institute of Marine Science, Australia 2011-2012
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