West Antarctic Peninsula and Scotia Arc Working Group


ScaleFigThe West Antarctic Peninsula and Scotia Arc Working Group (WAPSA WG) will assist delivery of coordinated and, where possible, standardised observations of essential physical, chemical and biological variables in the West Antarctic Peninsula and Scotia Arc region of the Southern Ocean in support of SOOS objectives. The group aims to facilitate scientific discussion to allow for leveraged research.

The WAPSA WG is open for involvement to anyone working in the WAPSA region. Contact Kate Hendry, Sian Henley or Oscar Schofield to register your interest. 


Current WG Activities

Information coming soon


The working group (WG) will fulfil the following terms of reference over the next 5 years:

  1. Develop and enable regional-scale observing in the West Antarctic Peninsula and Scotia Arc region using SOOS best practice for observing system in the WAPSA.
  2. Identify and assemble legacy data sets and sampling techniques of ships and stations in the West Antarctic Peninsula and Scotia Arc region of the Southern Ocean in order to provide best practice sampling protocols for physical, chemical and biological parameters to enable their standardisation. Sampling approaches and recommendations will be made available on the SOOS Web site.
  3. Based on the experience in the WAPSA, identify gaps and bottlenecks in the observation systems and contribute to SOOS in addressing these issues. Facilitate co-ordinated and, where possible, multidisciplinary (physical, chemical and biological) observations of the West Antarctic Peninsula and Scotia Arc region of the Southern Ocean. Plans, operations and meta-data will be made available on the SOOS web site to help collaboration amongst the international community.
  4. Facilitate and, when needed, develop procedures to achieve efficient sharing of data across the science community according to SOOS data policy.
  5. Convene focussed sessions at national and international meetings, including SCAR and SCOR, and Facilitate synthesis products, to increase the awareness of the science community to the importance of the West Antarctic Peninsula and Scotia Arc region of the Southern Ocean.
  6. Provide support to International Program Office (IPO) by providing annual reports to be available at the SOOS SSC annual meeting, as well as providing content for the IPO website/newsletters on the activities and outcomes of the West Antarctic Peninsula and Scotia Arc working group.
  7. Develop a funding plan to sustain the Working Group activities.
  8. Have products coming out of the WG acknowledge SOOS.


This WG is open to all interested participants, please contact the Co-Chairs if you wish to be involved. This working group is currently building membership

Name Affiliation Nationality Expertise WG Role
Oscar Schofield Rutgers University USA Biological oceanography, sensor technology, phytoplankton Co-Chair
Kate Hendry University of Bristol UK Biogeochemical cycling Co-Chair
Sian Henley University of Edinburgh UK Biogeochemistry Co-Chair
Irene Schloss Argentine Antarctic Institute Argentina Biological oceanography Leadership Team, SOOS SSC Sponsor
Mauricio Mata University Federal of Rio Grande Brazil Ocean modeling Leadership Team
Javier Arata University of Austral de Chile Chile Marine Ecology Leadership Team
Doris Abele University of Bremen Germany Molecular Ecology Leadership Team
In-Young Ahn KOPRI Korea Benthic Ecology Leadership Team
Anita Buma University of Groningen Netherlands Phytoplankton Ecology Leadership Team
Juan Höfer Austral University of Chile & IDEAL research centre (Chile) Germany, Spain Biological Oceanography, Plankton Ecology, Pelagic Carbon Fluxes Early Career Representative


Contributing Field and Modeling Activities

Active Projects

Dates Project Principal Investigator
1990-Ongoing Palmer LTER USA
1997-2286 Rothera Time Series (RaTS) UK
  Potter Cove Argentina
2016-2019 Resolving CO2 system seasonality in the WAP with year-round autonomous observations E. Shadwick
2016-2020 Research Center: Dynamics of High Latitude Marine Ecosystems - IDEAL H. Gonzalez
2014-2018 Nutrient dynamics and deep water behaviour in the WAP sea ice S. Henley


Completed Projects

Dates Project Principal Investigator
2013-2016 Dynamics of the Orkney Passage Outflow (DynOPO) A. Naveira Garabato
2014-2015 Changes in Stratification at the Antarctic Peninsula (ChinStrAP) A. Thompson


NameStart DateLocation
Developing the West Antarctic Peninsula International Network within SOOS15-05-2017British Antarctic Survey, United Kingdom
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