Southern Ocean Mooring Sites

Moorings are deployed across the Southern Ocean by scientists from nations across the globe, and  the data from these moorings are hosted by a large number of data repositories. At SOOS, we are developing a map to aid in data discovery. Click on the points in the map below to find deployment and data archive details about Southern Ocean moorings. The data in this map are partial and will be regularly updated as we improve our knowledge of extant and historic moorings south of 40°S.

Fig. 1. Map of Southern Ocean mooring locations. Red = currently deployed, yellow = retrieved, grey = unknown deployment status, white = failed, turquoise = planned.

If you wish to edit the tabular data underlying this map, please click here. To view a full-screen version of the map, click here. And if you can help us improve the information in the map and table, please contact the SOOS data officer. If you are unable to see the data or table in this page or at the above links, please download a recent csv version here.


If you use the data from this map and table, please acknowledge SOOS with the following citation:

Southern Ocean Observing System (2017), Southern Ocean Mooring Sites,

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