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The Ocean in a High CO2 World

Monterey, CA, USA, 24-28 September 2012

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The symposium will offer the worldwide community of scientists working to understand ocean acidification opportunities to share their research results and develop new research collaborations.Links to the left provide additional information about the symposium, significant dates, and a link to the system for reglsitration and submission of abstracts. 

Plenary speakers will introduce 10 topics relevant to symposium discussions: 

  • Changes in ocean carbonate chemistry since the Industrial Revolution: Richard Zeebe
  • Rates of change of ocean acidification: Insights from the paleorecord: Daniela Schmidt
  • Interactions of ocean acidification with physical climate change: Laurent Bopp
  • Responses of marine organisms and ecosystems to multiple environmental stressors: Hans-Otto Poertner
  • Acclimation and adaption to ocean acidification: Genomics, physiology, and behavior: Gretchen Hofmann
  • Ecosystem change and resilience in response to ocean acidification: Steve Widdicombe
  • Biogeochemical consequences of ocean acidification and feedbacks to the Earth system: Richard Matear
  • Understanding the economics of ocean acidification: Luke Brander
  • Policy and governance in the context of ocean acidification: Implications, solutions, and barriers: Beatrice Crona
  • Impacts of ocean acidification on food webs and fisheries: Beth Fulton
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