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     Seeing Below the Ice Workshop     

Seeing Below the Ice: Developing a strategy for sustained observations in the sea-ice zone of the Southern Ocean


CSIRO CMAR, Hobart, Australia, 22-25 October 2012

The goal of the workshop is to develop a strategy for sustained observations of the Antarctic sea-ice zone. The strategy will include observations needed for the study of interactions between the ocean and both sea ice and glacial ice, including the sub-ice-shelf cavity and deep troughs through which warm ocean waters access the shelf region. While the focus is on the Antarctic, experts from the Arctic community will be invited so we can benefit from experience gained there, where efforts to measure the ocean beneath the sea ice are more advanced.

The focus is on the ocean between the northern boundary of the winter sea-ice edge and the Antarctic coast. Interactions between the ocean and both sea ice and glacial ice (ice shelves, glacier tongues) will be discussed. 

Registration for this workshop has closed. For more information contact Fiona Taylor (info@soos.aq).

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Download audio interviews with workshop participants (Mark Hindell, Steve Rintoul, Bronte Tilbrook).

View television news segment featuring Workshop participants (Alberto Naveira Garabato and Steve Rintoul).

Visit UTAS media release.

Steve Rintoul (ACE CRC and SOOS Scientific Steering Committee member) discusses new technologies used to measure changes in the Southern Ocean.

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