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WCPR Special Workshop on Climatic Effects of Ozone Depletion in the Southern Hemisphere:

Assessing the evidence and identifying gaps in current knowledge

25 February - 1 March 2013, Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Workshop, stimulated by the principal scientific findings and uncertainties presented in the WMO/UNEP/ Ozone Assessment 2010, as well as significant issues that remain unresolved, will address the following questions:

  • How well do we understand the mechanisms relating Antarctic ozone loss to tropospheric climate in the Southern Hemisphere?
  • How will greenhouse has concentration increases and ozone depletion/recovery interact in future and what will be their impacts on the polar vortex and tropospheric climate?
  • What don't we know, and what observing or research programs need to be undertaken?
The Workshop is designed to promote the analysis of the above questions and an exchange of views and ideas which will serve as a springboard for further research and international scientific collaboration between the various communities engaged in understanding the multiple aspects of climate processes and climate change.
Registration deadline 15 January 2013
Visit Workshop Website for more information.


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