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Forum for Research into Ice Shelf Processes (FRISP) Workshop

Utö Värdshus, Stockholm archipelago, Sweden, 12-14 June 2012

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The conference comprises 3 days and welcomes presentations (oral and posters) on all aspects of ice shelf research and ice-ocean interaction, in both hemispheres, including, but not limited to:

  • Formation, flow and disintegration of ice shelves; 
  • Response of ice shelves and tidewater glaciers to past, present and future climate variability; 
  • Surface and basal mass balance of ice shelves; 
  • Ice-ocean interaction at the calving front of ice shelves and tidewater glaciers; 
  • Mass transport across the grounding line; 
  • Ocean circulation and water mass transformation beneath ice shelves and within pro-glacial fjords; 
  • Impact of ice shelves on the
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