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International Symposium on Radioglaciology

9-16 September 2013, Lawrence, Kansas, USA

The International Glaciological Society (IGS) will hold an International Symposium on Radioglaciology, hosted by the Center for Remote Sensing of Ice Sheets (CReSIS) at the University of Kansas, USA, 9-16 September 2013.

The Symposium will take a comprehensive look at the latest technological innovations in radars and signal processing techniques for investigating ice sheets, glaciers and their geophysical settings, with emphasis on polar and other logistically challenging settings. The Symposium will cover recent measurements and signal processing advances that are leading to new discoveries. It will also examine the observational needs of the next-generation ice-sheet models, and how radioglaciology can support modeling requiremements.

The overarching purpose of this meeting is to discuss the latest technological improvements in radars and signal-processing techniques for polar research, to present recent measurements, and to report on analysis and interpretations of recent observations. Additionally, the meeting will provide an opportunity to discuss observational requirements for radars that will most benefit and support development and validation of next-generation ice-sheet models.

For more information visit the Symposium website.

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