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48th Annual European Marine Biology Symposium

19-23 August, 2013, Galway, Ireland

The European Marine Biology Symposium has been an annual event on the calendar of marine biologists since 1966. The EMBS has been hosted in 20 different European countries, some having been visited more than once.

EMBS 48 is the second time the EMBS has been hosted in Galway, and the fourth time it has been held in Ireland. Highly successful symposia have been held at NUI, Galway (1976), Trinity College Dublin (1992) and University College Cork (2006).

The EMBS is attended by researchers from all over the world. The EMBS remains a traditional conference with a single main hall and no parallel sessions. Its main aim is to bring together academic practitioners in marine biology for networking and the dissemination of research. It has always been an important venue for early stage researchers to communicate their work and meet with established workers from across Europe. The themes of this conference should reflect the main areas in which biology is developing at present, as well as traditional research categories.

The overarching theme of EMBS 48 is Biodiversity in a Changing Ocean. Research is proceeding actively on many fronts as we attempt to sustainably manage human activities in the ocean against a backdrop of climate change and ocean acidification.

Marine biologists of all codes are invited join this stimulating symposium to be held in a collaborative atmosphere in the vibrant and welcoming city of Galway on Europe’s western margin.

For more information visit the EMBS website.

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