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GODAE OceanView Symposium 2013

4-6 November 2013, Washington DC, USA

Operational Oceanography aims to address many challenges with timescales from days to decades, regions ranging from coastal areas to the global ocean and applications from off-shore industries to ocean ecosystems. This is inherently an international issue which requires broad collaboration.

GODAE OceanView (GOV), following on from GODAE, is an international programme which provides coordination and leadership in consolidating and improving global and regional ocean analysis and forecasting systems and the development of new capabilities.

The GODAE OceanView Science Team (GOVST) is a forum for the main operational and research institutions to accelerate the improvement and exploitation of the systems through exchange of information and expertise and the coordination of joint assessments.

Objective: The GODAE OceanView Symposium will provide an opportunity to review the key scientific achievements of GOV in the last years, to critically examine the outcomes, and to discuss the next steps towards the future of operational ocean analysis and forecasting and its international coordination.

Location: GODAE OceanView is holding a Symposium at the NOAA Center for Weather and Climate Prediction (NOAA/NCWCP) near Washington DC, USA between the 4 - 6 November 2013. The GODAE OceanView Patrons' Group and the GODAE OceanView Science Team (GOVST) warmly invite you to participate and to contribute to the symposium.

Expected participation: The symposium is being designed to appeal to a wide audience. Those developing or supporting the observing systems, ocean analysis and prediction systems, forecasters, service providers, the user community, decision and policy makers, researchers and programme managers from both the public and private sectors are all encouraged to attend.

More information: Visit the GODAE OceanView Symposium website.

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