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Sea Ice in a Changing Environment

International Glaciological Society Symposium, Hobart, Australia, 7 - 10 March 2014


Topics include, but are not limited to

1. Pole to pole: Large-scale change and variability in sea ice and climate
2. Seymour Laxon celebration session: Advances in sea-ice analysis using remotely sensed data
3. Advances in instrumentation and observation methods
4. The challenge of melding sea-ice modelling with observations
5. A new regime for sea-ice growth and decay?
6. Snow on sea ice
7. Interactions between sea-ice drift and deformation and sea-ice morphology
8. Ocean–ice–atmosphere interactions
9. The marginal ice zone
10. Sea ice interaction with ice sheets, ice shelves and icebergs
11. The role of sea ice in ecosystems dynamics
12. Sea-ice biogeochemical properties and processes in a world of change
13. Palaeo and pre-satellite sea-ice distribution


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