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The 12th CAS-TWAS-WMO Forum on Operational Oceanography for Developing Countries

Beijing, China, 9 - 12 September 2013

Operational oceanography is an emerging research field devoted to the science, technology and applications on observing and forecasting our oceans and seas. It is important for improving the safety and efficiency of maeitime transport and marine operations; enabling the sustainable exploitation and management of ocean resources, such fisheries;supporting safe and efficient offshore energy related activities;mitigating the effects of environmental hazardss and pollution spills;contributing to ocean climate variability studies and seasonal-to-internannual climate prediction.

Despite the fact that developing countries are more vulnerable to hazards in ocean region due to lack of capacity in operational oceanography, marginal and coastal seas around developing countries are much less studied than these regions around developed countries. Some large developing countries such China, India, Brazil and South Africa have been building their own operational ocean forecasting systems in recent years along with their fast economy growth. As a result, the operational oceanography community in these developing countries is growing at high rates. Therefore, it is time to create a dedicated forum for operational oceanographers from developing countries.

The 12th CAS-TWAS-WMO Forum, the International workshop on operational oceanography for developing countries will be a starting point to strengthen collaboration among all developing countries interested in operational oceanography by discussing common scientific and infrastructure issues.

See the conference website for more information.

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