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Scientific Planning Meeting: Implementing a Southern Ocean Observing System


Download the detailed workshop and public forum program here

If you are unable to attend this workshop, you can watch the live stream of the Public Forum and all workshop presentations here 



Andrew Constable (AAD-ACE CRC, Aus), Anna Wahlin (UGot, Sweden), Oscar Schofield (Rutgers, USA), Sebastiaan Swart (CSIR, S. Africa)


This 2-day workshop will develop an implementation plan for the coming two years, including

  1. Understanding and Implementing the vision for SOOS
  2. Establishing Regional Working Groups
  3. Identifying key capabilities needing development/refinement, including how to progress EOVs

A Workshop Forum and Reception will be held on the evening of the 10th June.


Registration for this workshop and Public Forum have i now closed.


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