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Network for the Collection of Knowledge on Melt of Antarctic Ice Shelves (NECKLACE)


A workshop to discuss NECKLACE, an international program to acquire time-series of melt rates from Antarctic ice shelves


University of Gothenburg, Sweden, 3 Oct 2016

NECKLACE is a SOOS-endorsed programme to acquire time series of basal melt rates at high temporal resolution from selected sites on Antarctica’s ice shelves, using precise radar (eg ApRES).  The time series would typically be between one and three years in length, and would serve a variety of purposes including:

  • Ice-ocean model validation,
  • Optimising parameterisations in ice-ocean models,
  • Indicating oceanographic conditions in the ice-ocean boundary layer,
  • Validation of remote-sensing products.

There are presently around 30 ApRES instruments actively recording melt rates from Antarctic ice shelves.

The workshop will discuss the practicalities of deploying the instruments, data processing and dissemination, and strategies for selecting optimal deployment sites to satisfy individual researchers’ aims and NECKLACE’s ambitions. The event is therefore aimed at researchers who might wish to deploy these instruments on ice shelves, and those who would wish to utilise the data products, particularly, though not exclusively, from within the modelling community

The workshop will be held on Monday October 3rd, 2016 immediately before the 2016 FRISP meeting at Kristineberg, Sweden.

For those interested in attending the event, please contact Anna Wĺhlin (University of Gothenburg).

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