Upcoming Events

SCAR Open Science Conference

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 19-30 August 2017

There are several opportunities for you to hear about SOOS at the upcoming SCAR Open Science Conference, or to chat to SOOS members

1) SOOS Data Officer, Pip Bricher, will be presenting SOOS at the SCADM (19-21 Aug)

2) SOOS Capability Working Group "CAPS" side meeting (20 Aug)

3) Pip Bricher presenting SOOS in Session S35 (22 Aug)

4) SOOS SSC Member Steve Ackley representing SOOS at the ASPeCt side meeting (22 Aug)

5) SOOS Executive Officer, Louise Newman, presenting SOOS at the SSG Plenary (24 Aug)

6) SOOS EXCOM available for a chat at the SOOS poster, SSG Poster session (24 Aug)

7) SOOS Co-Chair Anna Wahlin co-convening SOOS session S03 (25 Aug)

8) SOOS Co-Chair Oscar Schofield presenting SOOS in session S03 (25 Aug)

9) SSC member Mike Williams presenting SOOS-endorsed ice shelf efforts in S03 plenary (25 Aug)

10) Vice Chair Andrew Constable presenting SOOS-endorsed Benchmarking efforts in S03 (25 Aug)

11) SOOS EXCOM presenting to SCAR Delegates (29 Aug) 

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