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Observing the Ross Sea 

To achieve our mission, SOOS is developing regional observing plans for different sectors of the Southern Ocean.

The Ross Sea Working Group is having is first workshop in Shanghai, China on 11-13 September. The prime objectives of this workshop are to identify the key scientific questions for the region; we are seeking agreement on a) core observations required to address these key scientific questions, b) identification of focus regions within the Ross Sea, c) and key observations and technological developments to support these observations.

Day 1 of the workshop will provide an overview of different processes in the Ross Sea, and Day 2 will begin with overviews of national efforts in the Ross Sea, then continue with development of key questions for the region. Day 3 will focus on integrating the different components of an observing system.   

There are no registration costs for this workshop; however, attendees will need to cover travel and accommodation costs in Shanghai. 


If you are interested in attending please contact workshop co-chair, Mike Williams at mike.williams@niwa.co.nz.

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