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  • This report is a summary of outcomes from the joint SOOS-CCAMLR Workshop, held at IMAS-UTAS, Australia, on 8 April 2018.
  • This report is a draft summary of outcomes from the 2017 Indian Sector Working Group workshop.
  • SOOS-led Southern Ocean chapter in State of the Climate in 2017
  • A workshop report highlights the outcomes from the Southern Ocean Modelling Workshop in Hangzhou, May 2018. Read the full report here
  • The Weddell Sea – Dronning Maud Land Regional Working Group is having a 2-days workshop in Tromsø, Norway, 16-17 January 2019.
  • Issue 13 of the SOOS newsletter includes updates on several key products, an overview of upcoming events, and general community news.
  • Issue 12 of the SOOS newsletter includes updates on several key products, an overview of upcoming events, and general community news.
  • The Ross Sea Working Group held its first meeting in Shanghai, September 2017. Read the full report here
  • This is a joint workshop of SOOS and CCAMLR with the objective to identify synergies in data requirements and efforts
  • This workshop is a 2-day event that will bring together the SOOS modelling and scientific community and enhance collaboration with Chinese researchers.
  • This meeting is the 7th annual meeting of the SOOS Scientific Steering Committee
  • This is the 6th annual meeting of the SOOS Data Management Sub-Committee.  
  • It has long eluded the polar science community, but we believe the time is ripe for developing a single window, federated search tool to discover polar data.

  • Our DueSouth portal is a great matchmaking service for Southern Ocean scientists planning their next expedition. Take a look, you might find the perfect partner to help with your fieldwork.  

  • We're making changes to SOOSmap that will make it easier for you to explore this valuable Southern Ocean database.

  • A joint workshop with CCAMLR and the MEASO 2018 conference have kickstarted a very busy and important year for Southern Ocean science.

  • Plans are underway to create an Amundsen Sea Working Group, which will help answer a number of key scientific questions that will remain unsolved until we have new data.

  • We're very proud to announce four new members are joining out Scientific Steering Committee, bringing expertise from the US, Argentina, South Africa and the UK. 

  • A new working group created to study the Weddell Sea/Dronning Maud Land area will son be looking for input from the wider scientific community.

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