DueSouth – Plan your field campaigns

DueSouth - the online Database of Upcoming Expeditions to the Southern Ocean is live and ready for you to share your field plans. DueSouth holds details on upcoming voyages and the science projects associated with them. It's a useful tool for planning fieldwork and finding collaborators. 

Tell us about the voyages your institution has planned for next summer. What exciting science will you be doing on those voyages? We want DueSouth to become the go-to place for finding potential new collaborators and that can only happen if you share your voyage and project plans with us.

The Database of Upcoming Expeditions to the Southern Ocean (DueSouth) is an interactive, map-based web tool that lets you search and share information on international upcoming voyages, flights, traverses and observational field programs.

Search the voyages that are already in the database and find collaborators to help you make your science better.

If you are a national voyage coordinator or science program leader, talk to us about how we can automate uploads of your field plans each year.

DueSouth was generously built for the SOOS community by James Cusick at the Australian Antarctic Data Centre and will be undergoing ongoing improvements in coming months, so please keep an eye on the SOOS website.

You can access DueSouth from the SOOS homepage or go directly to DueSouth.

If you have any queries or want to discuss automating data feeds from your institution, please email our data officer, Pip Bricher, on data[at]


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