Hundreds of moorings are now easy to find

  • August 2017

We keep finding more and more moorings in the Southern Ocean! Thanks to a big upload from our colleagues at the Alfred Wegener Institute in Germany, our list of moorings now has almost 700 deployments on it, most of them with links to the data centre that hosts the data.

We’ve also unearthed data from 63 deployments by US, Italian, and New Zealand scientists, converted them to a standard format and we’re publishing them through the US National Centers for Environmental Information ( We are still searching for even more unpublished mooring data so that we can bring it to light.

All of the known deployments are mapped on the SOOS website and will soon be added to SOOSmap for even easier data discovery, so come and take a look. If you’ve ever deployed an oceanographic mooring, please check that your mooring is listed.

You can see the map of mooring deployments at and follow the links to the full spreadsheet. You can edit the spreadsheet yourself. If you have data that should be published, our data officer, Pip Bricher, would love to help you. You can contact her via data[at]


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