Marine Ecosystem Assessment of the Southern Ocean

The first Marine Ecosystem Assessment of the Southern Ocean (MEASO) aims to provide a forward-looking assessment of what trends in Southern Ocean ecosystems are happening now and into the future, and what may need to be planned for, in terms of research and management. The aim is to have a quantitative assessment that enables managers to achieve consensus in adapting their management strategies to ecosystem change.  MEASO officially began in an international conference held in Hobart in April 2018, 173 people attended this conference including scientists, policy-makers, fishing industry, and environmental NGOs. Following the 2018 conference, the MEASO support group published an auditing framework explaining the basis for the first MEASO and have continued to gain international research interest. In 2019, MEASO has held two successful workshops at WWF UK and the IMBeR Conference, Brest. 


This flow diagram outlines the stages of MEASO highlighting the importance of engagement & science communication throughout.The use of the Southern Ocean Knowledge and Information (SOKI) Wiki has been central to the progression of MEASO (Graphic by Stacey McCormack).

The workshop hosted by the WWF Antarctic Program in Woking, UK from the 3rd to the 7th June. This was supported by SOOS and the Antarctic Climate and Ecosystem Cooperative Research Centre.  A full report on the workshop is available here. A full report on the progress of MEASO as of September 2019 is available here.

The importance of Southern Ocean ecosystems in a global context (Graphic by Stacey McCormack).

A special issue of Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution will deliver MEASO papers. This will include a paper addressing “Southern Ocean Sentinels: sustained observing of ecosystem change” (4.3) which will deliver to the SOOS Ecosystem Essential Ocean Variables (eEOVs) Task Team building on previous publications; Constable et al. (2016), Brasier et al. (2019) and Newman et al. (2019).

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