New Data in SOOSmap!

SOOSmap with new mooring data (shown in yellow squares), CTD profiles (shown in grey dots) and Saildrone data (shown in red).
  • October 2019

We’ve added 21,000 new CTD profiles in the Southern Ocean, courtesy of some hard work by SOOS, our SOOSmap partners at EMODnet Physics, and the data managers at PANGAEA.  This is the start of an ongoing project to serve up ocean data from PANGAEA through SOOSmap so you can expect more additions in the future. This allows direct downloads of many CTD profiles simultaneously and alongside data from other sources, instead of requiring users to search for each profile individually through metadata catalogues.  A bonus outcome from this project is that global CTD data from PANGAEA are now available through EMODnet’s other portals. 

Data from the first circumpolar expedition by a Saildrone are also available through SOOSmap for the first time.

We’ve also updated the information about the SOOS mooring network, so there is metadata about 800 oceanography moorings in the Southern Ocean, with data links for 80% of them. Thanks to the non-standardised nature of these datasets, we cannot yet make the data directly available through SOOSmap, but this is the most comprehensive listing of moorings available to date.

You can access SOOSmap from the SOOS homepage or head straight to the datasets map.

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