Ross Sea Working Group: Workshop Report
Year: 2017
Type: Report

The first meeting of the Ross Sea Working Group of the Southern Ocean Observing System (SOOS) was held at the Aurora Centre at the British Antarctic Survey, Shanghai, PRC, on September 10-17th 2017.



The Ross Sea is an important sector of the Southern Ocean and a necessary focus of the Southern Ocean Observing System (SOOS). The first SOOS Ross Sea Working Group workshop was held to identify the current and planned observations in the Ross Sea, and other nearby areas which are scientifically important to observe to understand the Ross Sea. These include the polynyas, boundary regions of the Ross Sea, the under sampled eastern Ross Sea, and the Ross Gyre. While a single comprehensive observing system would be ideal, hypothesis driven research is more likely to contribute components to an observing system, thus free and open international exchange of data will be required to achieve integration between observing system components. The Marine Protected Area in the Ross Sea and the associated Research and Monitoring Plan of the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR) provide a collaborative opportunity to support an ocean observing system in the Ross Sea, and collaborations between SOOS and CCAMLR should be continued and expanded. Recommendations from the workshop include the need 1) to observe at all temporal and spatial scales in the Ross Sea, and 2) to understand the linkages among physical processes, biogeochemical cycles, and biological processes. These objectives should provide the data to assess the expected changes and change rates, in order to provide credible projections for future states in the Ross Sea.


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