Air-Sea Fluxes With a Focus on Heat and Momentum
Year: 2019
Type: Publication

Quantifying air-sea fluxes, which represent the direct communication between the atmosphere and ocean, is challenging.  Through the recommendations presented in this paper, the remaining large biases and uncertainties that result in differences in global fields could be reduced by up to an order of magnitude, enabling better resolution of phenomena on scales ranging from sub-diurnal and mesoscale to global and interannual. With these improved air-sea fluxes, the ocean's influence on the atmosphere will be better quantified and lead to improved long-term weather forecasts, seasonal-interannual-decadal climate predictions, and regional climate projections.


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M.F. Cronin
C.L. Gentemann
J. Edson
I. Ueki
M. Bourassa
S. Brown
C.A. Clayson
C.W. Fairall
J.T. Farrar
S.T. Gille
S. Gulev
S.A. Josey
S. Kato
M. Katsumata
E. Kent
M. Krug
P.J. Minnett
R. Parfitt
R.T. Pinker
P.W. Stackhouse Jr.
S. Swart
H. Tomita
D. Vandemark
R.A. Weller
K. Yoneyama
D. Zhang
Sabrina Speich
Credit: Cronin et al. (2019). Air-sea fluxes with a focus on heat and momentum. Front. Mar. Sci., 6:430. doi: 10.3389/fmars.2019.00430
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