BAMS State of the Climate 2014
Section: Southern Ocean
Year: 2015
Type: Publication

This section provides an overview of the State of the Climate of the Southern Ocean in 2014, included as a sub-section of the Antarctic chapter in the BAMS State of the Climate 2014 report. This is the first time that the Southern Ocean has been included in the annual BAMS report. 


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M.P. Meredith
M. Mazloff
J.-B. Sallée
L. Newman
A. Wåhlin
M.J. M. Williams
A.C. Naveira Garabato
S. Swart
P. Monteiro
M.M. Mata
and S. Schmidtko
Credit: Meredith, M.P et al., Southern Ocean [in 'State of the Climate in 2014"'. Bull. Amer.Meteor. Soc., 96(7) S157
Copyright 2015 Southern Ocean Observing System. All rights reserved.