Understanding the Southern Ocean through sustained observations
Year: 2016
Type: Publication

This article is an overview of the 2015 activities of SOOS, in particular focusing on the outcomes of the 2015 international workshop "Assessing the State of the Climate of the Southern Ocean", and the SOOS-WCRP-ESA "Air-Sea fluxes workshop", as well as the Southern Ocean community contribution to the WMO Year of Polar Prediction. The article is available here.

Newman L.
Schofield O.
Wahlin A.
Constable A.
Swart S.
Williams M.
Mazloff M.
Firing Y.
Bricher P.
Credit: Newman, L., et al., 2016: Understanding the Southern Ocean through sustained observations, Bulletin of the Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society, Volume 28 No.6 Dec/Jan 2015/16
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