To share information about upcoming expeditions to the Southern Ocean and the projects associated with those expeditions in order to boost coordination, accessibility and collaboration between researchers and available operators. To access DueSouth, click here.


A stable, interactive web map that allows users to add details of upcoming expeditions and their associated projects to facilitate discovery of field plans across national and institutional boundaries.

Planned Data Flow:

Figure 1 (below) shows the planned workflow for DueSouth, with three proposed paths for communicating upcoming field campaigns. At present, expedition and project information must be added manually by researchers and voyage coordinators. However, automatic transfer of data between DueSouth and the JCOMMOPS voyage-planning database has been agreed and will soon be implemented. Further, automated uploads of planned expeditions and projects from individual National Antarctic Programs to DueSouth will be brokered over the coming year.


DueSouth Work Plan:

Table 1 below shows the planned steps and timeline for delivery of DueSouth. Community involvement is invited at all stages of the workflow. DueSouth has been kindly developed for the SOOS community by the Australian Antarctic Data Centre. Further development of functionality in the database will depend on the community input of further resources. Feedback will be regularly sought from the SOOS community to direct the iterative improvement of DueSouth.


Task Personnel Timeline Status
Needs for a database of upcoming fieldwork identified SOOS IPO June 2016 Complete
Basic database structure designed SOOS IPO August 2016 Complete
Obtain resources for database development SOOS IPO and DMSC December 2016 Complete
Basic database developed SOOS IPO and AADC September 2017 Complete
Initial database populated SOOS IPO and SSC September 2017 In progress
DueSouth launched; community asked to populate it SOOS IPO and the broader community October 2017 In progress
Data feeds with JCOMMOPS automated SOOS IPO, AADC, JCOMMOPS December 2017 In progress
Data feeds with NAPs automated SOOS IPO, AADC, NAPs Ongoing Not yet started
Ongoing functionality improved SOOS IPO and collaborators  Ongping Not yet started



AADC: Australian Antarctic Data Centre

DMSC: Data Management Sub-Committee

IPO: International Project Office

JCOMMOPS: Joint Technical Commission for Oceanography and Marine Meteorology Observing Platform Support Centre

NAPs: National Antarctic Programs

SSC: Scientific Steering Committee

For more information or to help improve DueSouth,  please contact the SOOS data officer, Pip Bricher.


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