DueSouth: Database of Upcoming Expeditions to the Southern Ocean

For years, oceanic and polar researchers have discussed the need for a tool to share information on field projects before the fieldwork begins. Such a database will allow people to discover potential collaborators and opportunities to collect data in parts of the Southern Ocean that their own national program is not visiting. SOOS is coordinating the development of a multi-disciplinary, international field projects database. This database will host details of voyage transects and of the individual project leaders working on board. 

The database includes the following:

  • A map of upcoming and completed fieldwork programs
  • Capacity for voyage coordinators to upload route maps and voyage details, and edit these as more details become available
  • Capacity for project Principle Investigators (PIs) to upload details of individual projects on each voyage, and to edit these as more information becomes available
  • Spatial and text-based search functions to allow users to find voyages and projects in their areas of interest
When resources allow, we will expand the database so that we can upload project plans in bulk from national programs and that the project records can be used as the basis for discovery metadata records for the data collected in these projects. Since all research data from the Southern Ocean should have a metadata record, this will avoid duplication of data management efforts.

STATUS: An interim version of the database has been developed by staff at the Australian Antarctic Division and is undergoing beta-testing, and will be formally released in April 2017.

For more information, or if you would like to be involved in the beta-testing process, please contact the SOOS data officer, Pip Bricher.



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