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  • Antarctic ice seals are the most abundant mammals in the southern ocean, but surprising little is known about their populations or distribution. 

  • It has been a long time between newsletter issues so there is a lot to report! The SOOS community and Project Office have been very busy in 2019!

  • The Second Institute of Oceanography, State Oceanic Administration hosted SOOS for a week in May 2018 for three annual meetings and a Southern Ocean modelling workshop.

  • The Observing System Design Working Group is seeking interested participants to assist the mission and enhance collaboration on this important topic.

  • SOOS spends a week at the Korean Polar Research Institute (KOPRI) in May this year for five meetings and workshops.

  • The SOOS annual report for 2018 highlights the progress made against each of the SOOS Objectives, and for each of the SOOS Working Groups and Task Teams
  • Scientists and data managers met in May this year to solve a series of challenges that are getting in the way of making Southern Observation data free and FAIR.

  • SOOS is excited to announce a new partnership agreement for hosting of the SOOS International Project Office!

  • Are you planning your fieldwork and gear deployments this summer? Trying to find logistical support? DueSouth could be just what you need!

  • 21,000 new CTD profiles have been added to SOOSmap!

  • The ROAM-MIZ team have had a busy year with a summer (2018-2019), winter (2019) and currently the spring (2019) voyages to deploy an array of platforms at and in the ice in the Weddell Sea.

  • A Saildrone completed the first autonomous circumnavigation of the Southern Ocean in August, 2019.

  • Marine Ecosystem Assessment of the Southern Ocean (MEASO) to deliver into the SOOS Ecosystem Essential Ocean Variables (eEOVs) Task Team.

  • The Weddell Sea - Dronning Maud Land Regional Working Group held their 1st workshop in January 2019 and are planning their 2nd workshop to be held in April 2020, Delmenhorst Germany.

  • A new SOOS Task Team on Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) in Antarctica.

  • Report for the 1st workshop of the Amundsen & Bellingshausen Sea Regional Working Group.
  • The Realistic Ice shelf ocean State Estimates (RISE) project aims to meet this need by coordinating the rapid advances in modelling and observations of ocean-driven melting of the Antarctic Ice Sheet.

  • The 2nd workshop of the Weddell Sea and Dronning Maud Land Regional Working Group will take place in April 2020, in Germany.
  • Initial release of SealNet framework for automating the detection of pack-ice seals in imagery.
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