• This paper highlights current SOOS strategies in meeting the need for improved international coordination, strategic planning and enhanced observation of the Southern Ocean, as well as highlighting critical lessons. 
  • This presentation was given by the Executive Officer at the 2016 Ocean Sciences meeting and provides an update on activities towards two core objectives
  • The Deep Ocean Observing Strategy (DOOS) invite SOOS members to participate in a deep-ocean observation inventory survey.

  • The Southern Ocean Network of Acoustics (SONA) held an Acoustic Processing and Methods workshop in Vigo (24-25 April 2016), in order to address milestones towards the goal of having useful, open access data.

  • Data from moorings deployed in the Southern Ocean are stored in a wide variety of data repositories, and on researchers’ hard drives, where they are inaccessible - SOOS is trying to fix this, and we need your help.

  • As always, it’s been a busy and productive few months for SOOS! The updates below cover recent SOOS meetings and events to August 2016.

  • The WWRP Polar Prediction Project (PPP) will see core observations take place in high latitudes between mid 2017 and mid 2019 (October to March 2017/2018 and 2018/2019), and Antarctica and the Southern Ocean play a crucial role.

  • This article is an overview of the 2015 activities of SOOS, in particular focusing on the outcomes of the 2015 international workshop "Assessing the State of the Climate of the Southern Ocean", and the SOOS-WCRP-ESA "Air-Sea fluxes workshop", as well as the Southern Ocean community contribution to the WMO Year of Polar Prediction.
  • There are several opportunities for you to hear about SOOS at the upcoming SCAR Open Science Conference, or to chat to SOOS members
  • This international workshop will develop a detailed implementation plan for an under-ice observing system, based on the SOOS "Seeing below the ice" strategy for under ice observations. This is a core activity of the POGO OASIIS Working Group
  • This one-day international workshop will discuss the practicalities of deploying the NECKLACE instruments, data processing and dissemination, and strategies for selecting optimal deployment sites to satisfy individual researchers’ aims and NECKLACE’s ambitions. 
  • Issue 9 of the SOOS newsletter "SOOS Update" is now available and includes information on IPO activities products, SOOS-relevant field campaigns, data management activities and more!
  • A scientific workshop bringing together researchers working in the West Antarctic Peninsula
  • A joint meeting of SCAR Action Group on remote sensing of animals and the SOOS Censusing Animal Populations from Space (CAPS) working group. Half of the day will be devoted to SCAR Action Group business, and half to discussing the CAPS pack-ice seal census project.
  • This publication is the editorial of the DSRII Special Issue "International efforts to understanding of the changing Antarctic climate: The KOPRI expedition to the Amundsen Sea". 
A key objective of SOOS is the development of a data system that provides seamless access to essential data products for the Southern Ocean
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