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  • The co-chairs and committee of the West Antarctic Peninsula and Scotia Arc (WAPSA) regional working group are looking for ocean scientists who have experience and interest in working in the Scotia Arc and Drake Passage region of the Southern Ocean.

  • A innovative methodology combining VHR imagery, the power of citizen science and wildlife ecology, to determine presence and absence of Weddell seals in Antarctica.
  • The 2nd annual meeting of the SOOS working Group Censusing Animal Populations from Space (CAPS).
  • This international workshop will develop a detailed implementation plan for an under-ice observing system, based on the SOOS "Seeing below the ice" strategy for under ice observations. This is a core activity of the POGO OASIIS Working Group.
  • OASIIS Workshop Presentations
  • This paper outlines the status of existing near-real time ocean observational efforts in polar regions, discuss gaps, and explore perspectives for the future.
  • This paper provides a framework for estimating oxygen in the Southern Ocean using ArgoTemperature and Salinity.
  • This paper provides a sampling framework to prioritize the deployment of biogeochemical Argo floats for constructing nitrate maps in the Southern Ocean.
  • This paper provides guidance for deployment of a Southern Ocean observing system to quantify dissolved inorganic carbon content, heat content, and the associated air-sea exchanges.
  • This papers looks at ships as a holistic network, not a set of disparate commercial, research, and/or third-party activities working in isolation, to bring these communities together for the mutual benefit of all.
  • This paper presents recommendations to reducing biases and uncertainties in air-sea flux quantifications, enabling better resolution in the the ocean's influence on the atmosphere.
  • The Air-Sea Fluxes workshop was highly successful, with many interesting presentations and discussions.  All products including presentations and report from the workshop are available here.
  • An overview of the outcomes from the 2016 CAPS workshop
  • New publication from the Censusing Animal Populations from Space (CAPS) Working Group.
  • Initial release of SealNet framework for automating the detection of pack-ice seals in imagery.
  • The Ross Sea Working Group held its first meeting in Shanghai, September 2017. Read the full report here
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