Implementation Plan (2016-2020)

The SOOS 5-Year Implementation Plan defines the actions of the SOOS community for the period 2016-2020. This plan is deliberately flexible, to enable SOOS to adapt as new demands and priorities are identified. This Implementation Plan has been compiled by the SOOS Scientific Steering Committee, and has undergone international review and input by SCAR and SCOR.

This Implementation Plan builds on the initial scientific strategy, and clarifies the SOOS mission by articulating the specific role of SOOS and its relationship to key communities; outlines the vehicles of implementation that are required to facilitate activities (including both field activities, and activities to enhance knowledge acquisition and capabilities). It also includes a Strategic Plan, which defines the goals, objectives, and key deliverables (Key Result Areas: KRAs). Furthermore, this Implementation Plan includes a timeline of deliverables that identifies the key products and community engagement required to achieve each KRA.
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Download the SOOS 5-Year Implementation Plan