Research Project Endorsement


SOOS provides endorsement for projects and programmes on a number of levels:
  • Individual research projects
  • Large national and international research projects
  • National and international collaborative and coordination programmes
  • Data Management initiatives

Projects may be either funded or in the process of seeking funding. Click here for a full list of SOOS Endorsed Projects and Programmes. 


  • Increases the visibility of research (e.g., project listing on website)
  • Provides an international framework for your research, which can help to leverage support and funding
  • Enables close working links with other relevant programmes and studies
  • Enhanced networking and communication
  • Promotes rapid and wide communication of ideas and results through the SOOS network
  • Potential to broaden the range of study (spatially and temporally) through increased availability of complementary information
  • Enhanced scientific value of your project through a cooperative data management approach


Endorsement will only be considered if the proposed project meets ALL of the following criteria:
  • Projects should address or contribute to A) General SOOS objectives as outlined in the SOOS Science StrategyB) At least one of the SOOS Science Themes, and C) An aspect of Data Management that is of key relevance to the SOOS.
  • The data management policy of the policy must align with the SOOS Data Management Policy (to be made available online in August).
  • Acceptance of the general principles and goals outlined in the SOOS Science Strategy.


SOOS requests that projects that are endorsed by SOOS:
  • Inform the SOOS IPO whether the project is successful funded or not (if applicable).
  • Follow FAIR data principles and, make their data available through SOOS data discovery tools, unless there are extenuating circumstances discussed with the SOOS IPO.
  • Acknowledges the SOOS endorsement in any project outputs by stating "This project contributes to the Southern Ocean Observing System (SOOS)."
  • Continual communication with the SOOS IPO to enhance connections with other relevant SOOS intiatives, and SOOS communications.

Endorsement Process

Endorsement is achieved through the following process:
  • Download the Request for SOOS Endorsement form. Save the form as a new 'pdf' document before you commence filling it out, and then return your form as an email attachment to the Executive Officer in the SOOS International Project Officer (info[at]
  • Your request is forwarded to SSC members for assessment.
  • SSC members will review the application and notify the Executive Officer of the decision within 10 working days of receiving the application.The Executive Officer will notify the project leader of the decision within 4 working days of receiving the decision from the reviewing SSC members.

To request endorsement of individual research projects please use the Request for SOOS Endorsement form. For endorsement of a large-scale coordination programme or project, please contact the Executive Officer for details.