SOOS Metadata Portal

This is where you search for metadata describing Southern Ocean datasets across a much wider range of disciplines than we can currently serve up in SOOSmap. The SOOS metadata portal is a subset of all records in the International Directory Network (IDN), pulling in all records relevant to the SOOS Science Themes. You can search by spatial location, freetext, keywords, or dates to find the most relevant datasets. Most metadata records include links to access the dataset itself.

You can also submit your own metadata record, using the Draft Metadata Management Tool (dMMT) link (you will need to register to use dMMT). Please contact the International Directory Network (IDN) User Support Team to obtain permissions to use the tool. This is the easiest way to ensure that other Southern Ocean researchers can discover and access your datasets.

The SOOS portal is optimized to show records that are related to the SOOS candidate Essential Ocean Variables (EOVs) and that overlap the geographic area south of 40°S. If your metadata record does not contain any spatial information, or keywords associated with any of the EOVs, you can ensure that it will be picked up by the SOOS portal by adding "SOOS" to the Descriptive Keywords > Ancillary Keyword field.