Data Repositories Specialising in Biological and Ecological Data

This page lists the key repositories for biological and ecological datasets in the Southern Ocean. In addition to these repositories, much biological and ecological data is held in multi-disciplinary and national Antarctic data centres.

Acronym Full Name Description Antarctic Biodiversity Information Facility SCAR Antarctic Biodiversity Portal Antarctic thematic node for global biodiversity initiatives like OBIS (marine) and GBIF (marine and terrestrial)
CCAMLR Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources Hosts data that underpin decisions about the management of Antarctic marine life
KRILLBASE ICED (Integrating Climate and Ecosystem Dynamics) Krill and Salps database A composite dataset of krill and salp observations from around Antarctica
LTER Long Term Ecological Research Network US-based network of long-term ecological research sites
Ocean Ecology Science Research Portal G Research Portal Links to satellite data from the SEAWiFS, MODIS Aqua and Terra, MERIS, OCTS, CZCS and Aquarius platforms
If you notice an error or think we've missed an important data holding, please contact the SOOS data officer.