SOOS at the Ocean Sciences Meeting 2024


The Ocean Sciences Meeting (OSM) is a significant event for the ocean sciences community, offering a platform for professionals to share research and collaborate. The OSM 24 meeting will take place in New Orleans, Louisiana, from February 18-23. The Southern Ocean Observing System (SOOS) will contribute to the discussions with a series of talks and sessions focused on Southern Ocean research.

The Southern Ocean, encircling Antarctica, plays a crucial role in global climate and oceanographic processes. SOOS aims to emphasize the importance of Southern Ocean research and its implications for the broader ocean-connected community.

SOOS-related sessions will cover various topics, including advancements in observational technologies, marine biology, ecology, climate change impacts on the Southern Ocean, and the region's role in global carbon cycling. The organization will also facilitate discussions on ongoing projects and collaborative initiatives in the Southern Ocean research domain. 

Attendees can expect a pragmatic exchange of ideas and the presentation of current research findings. The Ocean Sciences Meeting encourages interdisciplinary partnerships, aligning with SOOS's goal of addressing complex challenges facing the oceans.

At the moment the following events are planned/ have been submitted (subject to change - keep an eye out on our socials):



SIDE-MEETINGS (luncheon/get together):

  • SOFLUX CWG (Southern Ocean Fluxes Capability Working Group) side-meeting/luncheon "Southern Ocean Fluxes (SOFLUX): Shaping the future together", 22 February, 12:45-13:45, location based on number of participants. Free & open to everyone interested - register until 13 December.
  • WSDML RWG (Weddell Sea and Dronning Maud Land Regional Working Group) are organising a side-meeting/luncheon get together. Date and place to be announced soon


  • SOOS will have a poster, “Southern Ocean Observing System for sustained and coordinated observations in a changing world”, as part of session CC44E: Our Changing Ocean: Findings from 30 years of sustained observations. This is being presented by Eileen Hofmann.

And make sure to stop by and collect a flyer from the SCOR booth, where we have some SOOS representation as well.

News article 10/Dec/2023/JB