Data Repositories for Satellite-Derived Data

This page lists the major sources for satellite imagery and other satellite-derived datasets in the Southern Ocean. Some satellite data is also accessible through National Antarctic Data Centres and other multi-disciplinary data repositories.

Acronym Full Name Description
AVISO+ Provides satellite altimetry data from 1992 onwards
Copernicus Open Access Hub Provides data from the European Space Agency's Sentinel satellites
Cryoportal Provides satellite-derived cryospheric products for Antarctica and other frozen parts of the world.
Earth Data Provides satellite data from NASA programs
Geocento A commercial portal that provides access to satellite imagery from multiple providers
GRACE Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment Measurements of the earth's gravity field, including seabed pressure
MODIS Moderate ResolutionImaging Spectroradiometer Satellite imagery in 36 spectral bands, and at three spatial resolutions
NOAA Star Center for Satellite Applications and Research Provides satellite-based data on climate, ecosystems, and water
PO-DAAC Physical Oceanography Distributed Active Archive Center Distributes NASA's ocean and climate data
Polar View Satellite data on icebergs and sea ice around Antarctica and the Arctic
If we've made an error or missed a key data repository, please contact the SOOS data officer.