Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs)
Task Team

This Task Team is now complete. Please find the final products, events and news items below. 

The AUV Task Team has concluded its mission of aligning the science objectives and engineering capabilities of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) with the deployment logistics across National Antarctic Programs.

Over the years, AUVs have proven to be invaluable tools for polar science. The introduction of long-range polar-capable AUV facilities in 2018/19 had opened up new possibilities for ambitious research goals in Antarctica, including mapping seafloor structures and monitoring sea ice variability. At an international expert review into the proposed Australian Antarctic long-range AUV program held in June 2018, Vancouver, it was recommended that science and engineering teams continue to meet and share knowledge.

The SOOS AUV Task Team was a natural extension of that recommendation. The team's achievements include holding regular bi-annual meetings, identifying and addressing critical capability gaps, establishing an interface for AUV science teams to interact with the International Expert Panel on Polar AUVs, facilitating knowledge sharing, equipment exchange, personnel collaboration, and optimizing the delivery of AUV-centric research outcomes.

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  1. Bring together the current and aspiring Antarctic AUV science teams.

  2. Capture the capabilities of the different national programs in terms of AUVs, icebreaker/station deployment logistics, and AUV sensor development.

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