Flux Moorings Project


This Task Team is now complete. The final product "Optimizing Mooring Placement to Constrain Southern Ocean Air–Sea Fluxes" is available here.

This task team was a joint project with SOFLUX and Observing Systems Design Capability Working Groups.

The Big Ring has been proposed, which consists of a widely spaced array of moorings. These offer the prospect of giving ground truth to estimates of air-sea fluxes. Where should these be deployed to best constrain these fluxes? There is also the SOTS mooring (Australian), Southern Ocean OOI mooring (US), and a proposed Brazilian SOOS Flux Buoy. This work is aimed at SOOS coordinating and organizing these efforts, along with other flux measurement efforts.

This Task Team aims to identify what are the modes of air-sea momentum and buoyancy fluxes in the Southern Ocean, and how best to observe them?