Ross Sea Observations

This Task Team is no longer active. The final product is available here. For SOOS activities in the Ross Sea sector, please see the Ross Sea Regional Working Group.


The objective of this Task Team was to bring together all nations undertaking observational activities in the Ross Sea region, to summarise the existing and planned observational programs in the Ross Sea, with the aim identify the significant gaps that restrict the observation and understanding of future change. The current state of observations in the Ross Sea cannot be considered comprehensive by any standard, but there are significant data sets (particularly for physical oceanography) that can form the basis of an observing system in the Ross Sea.


China are planning to build a new Antarctic station in the Ross Sea region. Their planned activities include ocean observations and they are keen to avoid duplication and contribute to the observation efforts undertaken by the other countries based in the region (New Zealand, Italy, USA, Korea). SOOS was approached to identify the existing activities and to make recommendations on key gaps that new observation efforts could contribute too.


Mike Williams
Giorgio Budillon
Walker Smith
Steve Ackley
Don Blankenship
Jamin Greenbaum
SangHoon Lee
Won Sang Lee