Southern Ocean Satellite Data

This Task Team is no longer active. The final product is available here.

This Task Team was a joint initiative of SOOS, WCRP CliC and SCAR.


In order to address growing disparities in Polar remote sensing, and in particular to articulate the satellite needs specific to the Southern Ocean, last year SOOS and CliC (Climate and the Cryosphere Project) coordinated a community survey to canvas uses of remote sensing and define limitations and recommendations for improvement of Southern Ocean remote sensing.


These survey responses have been brought together into a summary report, which was around the entire Southern Ocean community (both operational and research). Sections of the report include sea ice variables, atmospheric parameters, SST, SSH, SSS, terrestrial cryospheric connections, marine microbes / ocean colour, marine biology, surface winds, and more. The aim of the report is to represent the Southern Ocean community’s satellite data needs for the coming decade. It is designed to stand as an important strategy paper that provides the rationale and information required for future strategic planning and investment.


Allen Pope (NSIDC/UW, USA)
Penelope Wagner (MetNo, Norway)
Rob Johnson (BoM, Australia)
Jamie Shutler (Uni Exeter ,UK)
Jenny Baeseman (CliC IPO)
Louise Newman (SOOS IPO)


This report was published in Antarctic Science at the end of 2015, the report is available here.